About Medical Transportation

Medical transportation is an integral and invaluable service for transporting people, whether in an emergency situation or not. If a person is very ill or seriously injured, an ambulance or a helicopter will typically get that person to medical attention immediately. In a non-emergency setting, there are private companies that will arrange for the transport of the person who requires it.

The major benefit of medical transportation is the safety of the patient. Although friends and family mean well, they may accidentally injure a patient even further, due to their lack of medical knowledge. Medical transport services have trained medical personnel who accompany the patient and can either stabilize the patient or just stand at the ready if a non-emergency patient suddenly requires emergency treatment.


Another benefit of medical transportation is simply the availability. Not everyone has friends and family to get them to and from medical appointments. If a senior citizen is ill and doesn’t have someone to give them a ride to a hospital, they may just wait at home, only making their situation worse. Having the ability to call 911 and know they will be taken care of is a huge relief and offers peace of mind.

There are different types of medical transports, and they are each unique to the type of patient and their situation. Again, the goal of medical transportation is to get a patient from one location to the next, safely and timely, so the patient can receive the appropriate treatment.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Non-Emergency Medical Transport is available for individuals who need to get to non-emergency medical appointments, such as a routine check-up for an elderly patient who may no longer be able to drive their own vehicle or doesn’t have any family to give them a ride. These patients are medically stable, but have a medical need that still requires attention.

Non-emergency medical transport is also beneficial for a patient who needs to see a specific doctor, one who may not work at the hospital where the patient is at that time. This kind of transport makes it easy to move the patient from one facility to another.


Emergency Medical Transport

Emergency Medical Transport is needed when a person is critically ill or injured. These patients will either ride via ambulance or helicopter to the appropriate facility for treatment. The benefit of this kind of medical transportation is the rapidity with which the patient can be treated. The people working on the ambulance or the helicopter can attempt to stabilize the patient en route to the designated medical facility.

The helicopters prove especially useful in remote locations, such as the desert where a serious car crash has occurred. If someone needs immediate medical help, they can be flown via helicopter to a trauma center in a relatively short amount of time.